5 Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

5 Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017
November 1, 2017 Carly Crochet Coach

I rolled over in bed this morning and grabbed my watch to turn off the alarm. I was just about to place it back on my bedside when I caught sight of the date.

November 1st 2017.

How the hell did THAT happen? I swear I was celebrating New Years eve five minutes ago. Not cool, November. Don’t sneak up on me like that.

Naturally, I couldn’t go back to sleep because it reminded me of all the crochet gifts I have yet to start. I grabbed my notebook I keep on my beside table and started writing out my list of presents to make.

crochet christmas

I only have one rule when it comes to making presents for other people. They have to be useful. It’s weird for a crocheter to also be a minimalist but that’s what I am. I only ever make things I know I will use and I give away or sell most of the things I don’t use. I’ve been designing patterns for a few years now and these are my favourite crochet Christmas gift patterns. They’re always well received to the point where I’ve had to make the Nina slipper pattern twice for the same person because she wore them out over the course of a year!

If you’re looking for crochet Christmas gift ideas this is place for you. Here are five, easy to make, stylish and cost effective Christmas gift ideas for 2017…

1. Slippers

crochet christmas

This is a super simple, light weight and fully customisable slipper pattern that’s perfect for a crochet Christmas gift. They’re also lightweight so they’re great for sending overseas to loved ones so you can save on heavy postage costs. These are made with a super wash merino so they can be chucked in the washing machine without any damage done to them. They’re also very quick to make. There are few Crochettes (crochet coach members) who can make a pair of these over two nights. Crochet ninjas!

2. Hand bag 

Most of my designs are very simple and totally customisable. You can do this handbag in a plain colour or variegated yarn. You can have leather straps sewn on like I did or you can crochet your own straps. Hot tip: This is a pretty quick make but you need to order your leather straps (mine are skinny belts from eBay) well in advance and make sure you have enough time to have them sewn on at a cobbler. In terms of the actual crocheting, it’s very time efficient but you need to be aware to allow time for the extras of this project. It’s totally worth it though, I made a tan coloured version of this with red straps for a mate and she adores it. To the point where I can’t even get a photo of it because she’s never not using it! The yellow bag pictured below is now my primary handbag and I love it. I use it every day and it fits everything perfectly. It’s also lightweight so it doesn’t add to what you’re carrying.

crochet christmas

3. Basket 

These are so versatile – there’s one sitting on nearly all of my friends coffee tables. The thing I love the most about them is that you can make little hampers in them. Make a small crochet basket and fill it with nail polish for a little manicure set. You could make a big one and fill it with gourmet crackers and wine for a fancy food hamper. They’re really cost effective to make. You can get a medium and a small one out of 1kg of t-shirt yarn so they usually come out at under $10 each. Total bargain and people LOVE them. There’s full video instructions on how to make them available in the members hub. 

crochet christmas

4. Shawl 

I’ve converted many friends in to being shawl wearers. I almost never travel without one and more recently, I never travel without this one. I’ll pop it over my knees if I’m cold on a flight or ball it up and use it as a pillow. I can wrap it around my shoulders if I’m travelling to a country with modesty laws. This is a light weight shawl but I wear it in winter too as a scarf. Tip: this isn’t a super quick make as it’s made with sock weight yarn so if you want to make this for a gift, start it ASAP. This shawl is made with 100% wool but a cotton one would be gorgeous for summer.

crochet christmas

5. String bag 

This is without a doubt the most popular of all my patterns and I suspect most of the Crochet Coach members friends and family will be getting these for Christmas. It’s a market style eco string bag that tucks away inside itself so you can pop it in your handbag for when you go grocery shopping. It’s cheap and super quick to make – I know of a few of my students who can make a whole bag in one evening. Fair warning: once you gift one of these, every one will be wanting one.

crochet christmas

I’m working on a few other designs as well. I want to make a two bottle wine carrier with leather straps so I have a classy way of toting wine around all summer. I’m also nearly done with my Christmas bauble pattern so stay tuned for the release of that!

So tell me… what crochet Christmas gifts are you making this year?

Also don’t forget there’s a 7 day free trail for Crochet Coach at the moment. Get on it!


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