Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns: 9 Ideas For You To Try

Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns: 9 Ideas For You To Try
March 27, 2018 Carly Crochet Coach

It was 2011 and I’d only been crocheting for a few months. A very dear friend of mine was pregnant with her first child and I wanted to make a crochet baby blanket for the new bub. I went online and ordered some variegated rainbow cotton and painstakingly taught myself how to make corner to corner blankets. It took me ages and when I was done, I got REALLY nervous. I had no idea if it was gorgeous or not. I swung from loving it, to hating it, to thinking it was a bit daggy to feeling a bit sad that I wasted my time.

I wrapped the blanket up and presented it to my friend when I went to visit the baby. She LOVED it. I hoped she wasn’t just putting on a show because she knew how long it would have taken me to make it but I definitely felt better after I’d given to her. Every few days a new a photo of her baby popped up on Facebook and in every photo my blanket was there. In the pram, in his cot, thrown over the nappy bag in the background. As her son grew older, it remained a feature in the photos but he was sitting on it, wearing it as a cape or balling it up and using it at as pillow. It’s been washed and worn and is one of the most loved blankets I’ve ever seen.

I was thrilled. I now make blankets for all my friends and family who have babies and these blankets are so treasured. I’ve made some hats, cardigans and booties too but they don’t seem to be as popular as crochet baby blankets. I have a few standby crochet baby blanket patterns I use regularly but there are a few I’ve had bookmarked in my Ravelry account I’ve been dying to try. Here are a few of my favourites.

9 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

1.Call The Midwife Crochet Baby Blanket

crochet baby blanket

I can safely say I’ve made about six Little Monkeys Crochet Call The Midwife Blankets. It’s such a great pattern, really simple but very effective. Once you get your groove, you don’t even need to pay attention to the project. Perfect if you’re at that stage of your life where all your friends are pregnant (like me!) because these blankets are very versatile and work up quite quickly.

2.Charlotte Crochet Baby Blanket 

crochet baby blanket

This is a collaboration blanket with myself (Crochet Coach) and Shelley from Spin Cushions. This is a dense, gorgeous blanket for a special friend or bub as it’s not the quickest project on the block. It requires a of weaving in of ends and sewing but it’s worth it.

3.Bear’s Rainbow Crochet Baby Blanket 

crochet baby blanket

Simple rainbow squares edged in cream. A perfect gender neutral blanket!

4.C2C Crochet Baby Blanket 

crochet baby blanket

This can be made in a square or a rectangle and if you’ve never tried c2c, you need to give it a go. It’s fast and easy to learn and you’ll be finished your blanket before you know it.

5.Ontario Crochet Baby Blanket

crochet baby blanket

A gorgeous, dense and modern design. Perfect for colder climates.

6.Lexi Crochet Baby Blanket

crochet baby blanket

This is a lightweight, cotton blanket that’s perfect for babies that live in hotter climates. Hint: If you want a warmer blanket, try the c2c.

7.Rick Rack Rainbow Baby Blanket 

crochet baby blanket

Zigzag patterns are so fun and super easy to get the hang of. Hot tip: Rainbow colours look gorgeous paired with white or cream.

8.Colourful Hexagon Crochet Baby Blanket

crochet baby blanket

I usually prefer to make soft little blankets for prams and cots but I love the idea of this one – it could be used as a play mat once the kids get older.

9.Croix Crochet Baby Blanket

crochet baby blanket

I stumbled upon this a few months ago and I think it’s just gorgeous. I love how textured it is and how the single colour really makes the design stand out.

If you’re new to crochet but you’re keen to start here are some things you need to know before you learn to crochet. You should also check out this review of ergonomic hooks, this guide for buying yarn online, this pattern reading guide and this list of bits and pieces you need to get started.

What crochet baby blanket patterns are your favourites? Feel free to share a link in the comments!

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