Crochet Beach Cover Up Pattern – Summer Jacket

Crochet Beach Cover Up Pattern – Summer Jacket
June 20, 2019 Carly Crochet Coach

Last year I made a dress entirely out of granny squares – that damn thing took about ten years off my life trying to make half sized squares to fill in the gaps but I really enjoyed making a garment only using squares (plus some other weird shapes). I’ve had a crochet beach cover up pattern floating around in my head for a while but I wanted the perfect yarn and the perfect square to make it happen. After experimenting and test swatching, I finally settled on a square I loved. 

This is a mid-length and mid-length sleeve kimono but you can keep adding squares to make the sleeves or overall length longer. You can also remove squares to make it shorter. 

It’s the perfect thing to pop on over your swimmers when you go to the beach or to tie up with a wrap belt for a glam-casual dress. 

crochet beach cover up pattern

The Summer Jacket is probably the most advanced pattern I’ve designed and although it’s construction is fairly straightforward you do need to concentrate and plan ahead with this project.

It’s made in the join-as-you-go style which means the motifs are joined as you make them on the last round of each motif. 

crochet beach cover up pattern

A diagram of the full garment has been provided in the pattern as well as a diagram for each square and how they attach to each other. A video has also been provided to show the joining technique as well as tips for successfully joining your squares. 

How you make and join your squares is entirely up to you. You can start with making the back of the garment or the sides or the bottom edge. You could print out the diagram of the garment and cross off each square as you make it. Just be sure to plan ahead and know where and how you’re going to join each square because depending on where the square is located will affect whether it’s attached to other squares along 1, 2, 3 or 4 edges. 

crochet beach cover up pattern

The jacket is made up of 140 squares but they’re joined as you go on the last round of each square – so don’t make a stack of completed squares expecting to join them later! This project is neither quick nor easy but it’s very satisfying and once you get your groove it’s a methodical and quite lovely project to work on. You need to have basic dress makers knowledge and good spatial awareness to make this project to ensure your squares are connected effectively and facing the correct way. 

The Summer Jacket pattern (with written instructions and video tutorial) is available as part of a Crochet Coach coach subscription – you can sign up here! There’s a 7-day free trial too. 

This is such a gorgeous labour of love style project – you’ll treasure your jacket forever.

crochet beach cover up pattern

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What’s your favourite crochet beach cover up pattern? Have you ever made one before?



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