Crochet For Beginners Online Class: July 2017

Crochet For Beginners Online Class: July 2017
July 3, 2017 Carly Crochet Coach

The whole slow and mindful living thing has been flooding my Facebook feed for a few years now. At first I sort of ignored it – I’m a fast paced kinda gal. Pretty terrible at sitting still and I almost never shut up. Being quiet and calm isn’t really my bag. But then I realised, it actually IS my bag. Crocheting is one of the most mindful things you can do. I crochet every evening as a wind down at the end of the day and I’ll even whip out my hook and yarn in the middle of the day if I need a brain break from what I’m working on. It never fails to soothe my troubled soul. I’m also a self diagnosed ‘active relaxer’. If I want to chill out, I’ll  crochet, paint my nails, cook some meals for the week or do some mending in front of a TV show. Quiet movement is how I do mindful living.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of engaging in a mindful activity (that’s not adult colouring in!), I honestly cannot encourage you enough to try crochet. It’s a totally portable craft so you can take it anywhere and you can make the most beautiful, personal and cost effective gifts for the people you love. Also if all of your friends are pregnant (like all of mine are!) you can make beautiful baby blankets that are super easy to crochet in front of the TV or on your lunch break. I just love that it’s a relaxing activity that’s also productive. Right up my ally!

crochet for beginners

For this month’s Crochet Coach pattern release, it’s the Simple Arm Warmers. These are dead set the easiest project you will ever make – totally perfect for a beginner. They work up really quickly too so you’ll get that glowing sense of achievement. When I first started crocheting, I made big, big blankets. I loved making them but they took FOREVER and so I was under this weird delusion that I was slow crocheter. I wasn’t, I was just picking enormous projects. When I started doing smaller projects, I love having completed pieces regularly and having sweet gifts like slippers and shoulder cosies to give to my mates. If you’ve tried crocheting before and you’ve got an empty basket of unfinished pieces, this is the project for you. It’s also a great introduction into reading crochet patterns if you want to brush up your skills a bit 

There are 2 sizes available to make – small and large – and there will be full instructions available in the hub as well as a live on lesson on Sunday 9th July 2017 at 3pm.

Here’s all the info!

crochet for beginners

What is it?

It’s a beginner crochet arm warmer class – when you sign up, you get access to all the beginner lessons to get you started including how to hold your hook and yarn, where to buy what you need and how to do the single crochet stitch (the easiest one!) so you’re all ready for the live lesson on Sunday 9th July at 3pm.

What will I learn?

– How to hold your hook and yarn

– How to do a slip knot/start a crochet project

– How to do a single crochet

– How to sew up arm warmers

– How to crochet around edges

crochet for beginners


Right here on the interwebs. All you need to do is sign up to Crochet Coach for the free 7 day trial (it will be $14.95 per month after the trial), join the Facebook group (you’ll be sent an invite once you join!) and the lesson will be live in the Facebook group on Sunday 9th July at 3pm. You’ll get the full pattern and videos on Thursday 7th July so you’re all prepared for Sunday.


I’ll be there! There will also be the other Crochettes (Crochet Coach members) who are seriously so delightful, you’ll fall in love with them I promise. Just a lovely group of crocheters hanging out online on a Sunday arvo, chatting away and getting started on a new project!


Sign up today – grab some 8ply yarn and 4mm hook from your local craft store to have a play with and dive into the beginner lessons in the hub. You’ll be hooking away in no time!


Because crochet is the best! And everyone should have a calming hobby to chill out with at the end of a hectic day.

crochet for beginners

How do I do this again? 

1. Sign up for the free trial.

2. Have a go at crocheting in the beginner hub (links will be sent once you’ve signed up!).

3. Get your materials –

For starting to crochet you need 8ply yarn and a 4mm hook. I recommend cotton yarn to start with has it has great stitch definitions and you can really see what you’re doing.

For the arm warmers you need…

2 x Morris & Sons Maya 8 Ply Yarn (50gms; 100m; 100% baby alpaca) in a colour of your choice

1 x Morris & Sons Maya 8 Ply Yarn (50gms; 100m; 100% baby alpaca) in a contrasting colour if you choose to do an edging

3.5mm [E/4] hook

Yarn needle


4. Eagerly await the pattern release on Thursday 7th July and buy a packet of yummy biscuits and some delicious tea (or wine!) for the live online lesson on Sunday 9th July at 3pm. It will be in the Facebook group that you’ll get an invite to after you’ve signed up.

If you’re not sure if crochet is for you – read this

If you’re not sure if you want to crochet or knit – read this 

If you have any questions just let me know. And if you want to see some of the work the Crochettes have been doing check out @crochetcoach.

If you’re a bit nervous about buying yarn or you need some more info just give me a yell – I’m always around!

Do you have a hobby? Or are you interested in getting one? Can you see yourself become that rad human that crochets on the train on the way to work?

Don’t forget if you want to sign up for the class – just join here! 


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