Crochet For Charity 2017: Vision In Blue Blanket Project

Crochet For Charity 2017: Vision In Blue Blanket Project
June 17, 2017 Carly Crochet Coach

Calling all crocheters who are keen to crochet for charity! I need your help.

In my other life as lifestyle blogger over at Smaggle, I’m a blog ambassador for World Vision Australia. I’ve travelled with them a few times over the years and this year I went to Palu, in central Indonesia.

I wanted to do some fundraising for the projects over there and I’ve had a charity blanket idea I’ve been mulling over for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do this! For more details on the whole project click here, if you’re a keen bean crocheter who just wants to get hooking, keep reading.

crochet for charity

Here’s what I need 

  • Granny squares with 5 rounds
  • Made in 8ply 100% cotton yarn with a 4mm hook
  • With 1 chain in between each cluster on the straight bits and 2 ch in each corner
  • In shades of blue and cream
  • With all the ends woven in

I know it seems like I’m really picky about it but I want the blanket to be super gorgeous and something everything will want to buy tickets for.

Here’s a picture of a few completed granny squares to give you some inspiration.

Blue and Cream Granny Squares



Why can’t I use any colours I like?

It’s just easier to get a gorgeous harmonious blanket if we all stick to the same palette! I might do a crazy random blanket in the future but this one is all about the blues baby.

Why do I have to use 100% cotton?

It’s a good robust material that can be washed easily. The squares will play more nicely together if they’re all made of the same fibre.

Can I use any blue?

Yep! Any blue and cream. Go nuts! You can do a whole square in blue, a whole square in cream, mix it up, do stripes – whatever you like! The only rules are 100% cotton, 8 ply with a 4mm hook in blues and cream and each square should have 5 rounds. The rest is totally up you.

Can I make more than one?

Yes please! I would absolutely love that. The more the merrier. Hook me up. Literally.

I want to make a square but I don’t know how to crochet!

Too easy – I have a free granny square lesson right here. Boom.

What if you end up with more granny squares than you need for one blanket?

I’ll make another blanket! I have many lovely charities I’d like to support in this way and I have a list I’ll work my way down, if that works for the people who donate their squares!

crochet for charity

crochet for charity

When do I have to have them done by?

All squares need to be in by Friday 31st July (date has been extended to the end of the month to give more time!) 2017 but don’t wait until then! The sooner they start coming in the better.

Where do I send them?

Carly Jacobs

Parcel Locker 10012 12897

371-385 Gore Street

Fitzroy VIC 3065

Can I help sew it up?

Yes please! The Sew It Up party will be sometime in July. Exact details to be confirmed but it will be in Melbourne, probably on a Sunday afternoon.

If you’re making some crochet squares for me, do take a photo and pop it up on social media with the hashtag #visioninblue2017 so I can keep an eye on it all.

If you want to learn to crochet and you’re a beginner here’s a reading list to get you started!

Do comment and let me know if you’re planning on sending a square or two – and make sure to include your instagram handle so I can follow you?

Don’t forget to sign up to the Crochet Coach email list so you can keep up to date with the blanket progress.


  1. Julie Langton 7 years ago

    Count me in. Also more than happy to block the squares that get sent to you Carly. Xx


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