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Hello stitchling!

When I first started crocheting, I ran into a few difficulties.

  • Finding it cumbersome to learn from poor quality online tutorials
  • Buying patterns then having to Google all the instructions
  • Mastering granny squares and not knowing what to try next

There were lots of crocheting blogs but many of them were defunct or posted very sporadically. I craved a space where I could ask questions and talk to people who were working on the same things I was. I also wanted to learn specific stitches and techniques and there didn’t seem to be any detailed, structured lessons on the things I wanted to learn.

I just wanted someone to curate the best lessons, patterns and content and to facilitate a like minded community of crocheters. What I needed, was a crochet coach.


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Are You Crochet Curious?

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got clear, simple, concise lessons and an awesome community to help you out when you’re stuck.

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Already Handy With a Hook?

We’ve got everything you need to feed your crochet appetite. Modern, stylish patterns, a fool proof bank of resources and a community of fellow crocheters to chat to.

Fully stocked pattern library!

What will I learn?

If you’re just starting out, just starting again or just brushing up we’ve got the foundations covered.


  • Prepare yourself to crochet
  • How to choose yarn
  • How to choose hooks
  • How to hold a crochet hook
  • How to read a ball band
  • How to hold your yarn
  • How to get into a good crocheting rhythm
  • Good crocheting posture
  • Differences between UK and US stitches


  • How to make a slip knot
  • How to make crochet chains
  • How to slip stitch
  • How to single crochet (UK double)
  • How to double crochet (UK treble)
  • How to half double crochet (UK half treble)
  • How to treble crochet (UK double treble)
  • How to double treble (UK triple treble)

Granny Squares and Beyond

  • How to make a granny square
  • Beginning a granny square
  • How to change colours on a granny square
  • How to finish off a granny square
  • How to make the Vintage Block Scarf
  • How to make the Freckles Scarf
  • How to do a pom-pom edging

Every lesson is jam-packed

Step-by-step Videos

Well-paced, clear instructions for every stitch.


We’ve made all the crochet mistakes so you don’t have to.

Always With You

Mobile friendly content that is available everywhere.

“Yarn craft can improve memory function, distract from anxiety and increase self esteem”

Now is the time to learn how to crochet scarves beanies slippers socks sweaters cushions cardigans blankets throws baskets bags jewellery

New patterns and lessons added regularly!

  • The Origami Shoulder Cosy
  • Freckles Scarf
  • Basketcase Scarf
  • Stranger Things Will’s Mom’s Blanket
  • Stranger Things Nancy Cushion
  • Stranger Things Eleven Blanket
  • Waffle Stitch Scarf
  • Nina’s Simple Slippers
  • Moss Stitch Bag
  • Nomad Shawl
  • Crochet Baskets

Crochet is hot. Since 2009 the search term ‘crochet’ has beat the search term ‘knitting’ every single year. Trust us, crochet is the Michael Jordan of craft right now. Or it would be if Michael Jordan was having a fabulous and unprecedented come back.

Obviously we’re not surprised you’re here. We live in a crazy, automated, digitised iWorld and we’ve reached our peak. We want handmade and authentic. We want to create things. We want to be sustainable and we want to be happy.

Crocheting can do that for you.

We’ve got everything (and everyone) you need


Sometimes you just want to chat to someone else who is struggling or ask a few crocheters for their favourite scarf patterns. You can participate as much or as little as you like but we’re always there if you need a hand. There will also be live events, streamed lessons and crochet-alongs to keep you inspired and motivated.


Even the most experienced crocheter needs to look up an obscure stitch if they haven’t done it in a while. Our resource library is full of yarn charts, hook conversions and high definition videos of standard stitches. Looking for a resource for a particular stitch or technique? Drop us a line and we’d be happy to sort you out.

stephanie-8“Before I did the Crochet Coach granny square class I found crocheting so difficult and had half a dozen unfinished squares sitting in my sewing bag. But after my lesson with Carly I can proudly say I have crocheted a gorgeous scarf and a baby blanket for my niece. Crochet Coach is clear and easy and Carly makes learning a lot of fun!”


Why Crochet?

1 It will make you happier. Science says so. Crocheting is therapeutic, it’s calming and it’s proven to decrease your risk of developing dementia if practiced regularly. It promotes the development of neural pathways in the brain that help to maintain cognitive health. In short? It makes your brain all buzzy with happy, crochet goodness. Join us!

2 Your gift will always be the best. It just will be. If you want to win every baby shower, wedding or birthday party you go to with your beautiful handmade baby blanket/bed throw/scarf gift, you need to learn to crochet. Come and crochet with us!

3 It’s quick. One big gold star for crocheting is that it’s generally quicker than knitting. You can easily complete a baby blanket in an evening or two of crocheting and a similar blanket could take a week if it’s being knitted. It’s also a bit easier to fix crochet mistakes. We don’t knock knitting around these parts – we love knitting – but if you want to be able to complete a project in a weekend, crocheting is just the yarn craft for you. Sign me up!

4 It’s a fantastic way to quit a bad habit. It’s one of the healthiest addictions you can have – if your hands are busy crocheting they won’t be free for wasting hours on social media or digging around in the biscuit jar. Crocheting is a wholesome way to keep your hands from doing things you don’t want them to do… like texting your ex-lover or biting your fingernails. I’m so in!

5 It’s totally portable. You can take your crochet anywhere – cars, trains, buses, the beach, out for breakfast. You can crochet while you’re on the phone, watching TV or listening to audio books. It also totally de-guilts TV binges. So what if you watched eight straight hours of Friends re-runs? You made a big ol’ couch throw. Time well spent. I want in!

“…crocheting can lower heart rate and blood pressure and reduce harmful blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol.”

Let's Do This!

Come on in and get started!



Hours of step-by-step video instructions
Exclusive library of crochet patterns
Private community access


Can’t I just learn this on YouTube?

YouTube videos are great and there’s some very talented crocheters producing excellent tutorials there. Crochet Coach is a professional space where you can get your questions answered and make requests for the crochet skills you want to learn. There’s also the Facebook group with live lessons, weekly chats and constant support.

Is crocheting just for old people?

Definitely not! That’s like saying tea and biscuits, sitting down and crime dramas are just for old people. I think we can all agree these things have inter-generational appeal. Just like crocheting.

Crochet vs Knitting. BBFs? Or Frenemies?

Definitely BFFS. You can just crochet or you can just knit but magic really happens when you can do both. I fully intend on learning to knit one day too but for now crochet is my bae and I’m craft-monogamous you know?


Something else?