How to Hold a Crochet Hook

First Things First

Place your hook in front of you on the table and pick it up and pretend like you’re going to crochet. This is the way you want to hold your hook because it’s the way you naturally go to pick it up.

Pen Grip

This is the underneath grip and was actually the way ladies were taught centuries ago because it looks more ladylike. If this is the natural way you’re inclined to pick up your hook, go for it. It looks like you’re holding the hook like a pen.

Knife Grip

This is the over the top grip and gives a little bit more stability but just do it any way that feels comfortable for you. If you don’t really feel comfortable either way, try knife grip. It’s a bit easier to get used to and gives you more control over your hook. This grip looks like you’re holding the hook like a knife.

Holding Your Yarn

This is the bit where it all gets a bit tricky but just persevere and find a way that works for you.

I hold my project between my thumb and middle finger and I use my index finger as a yarn guide. You will develop your own style as you practice more.

Getting Into a Good Rhythm

You need to just relax and let it go. It takes a while but you won’t get into a good rhythm until you’ve practiced and practiced. Try making a dishcloth or anything square or rectangular first to get used to doing some basic stitches. Blankets are great as well because they’re big and repetitive. The first four or five projects I did were blankets and they were enormously helpful in me developing my rhythm.

Crochet Posture

Make sure you keep your neck moving and don’t hunch over or keep your head down for too long. Remember to look up, stretch your neck and take care of your body. I recently discovered I can crochet lying down on my back with my head on a cushion which is very handy if I’ve been crocheting sitting up for ages. Just be wary of sitting in the same position for hours on end.

Questions and Next Steps

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Next Steps

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