Perfect for beginners – they’re cheap, easy to use and good to practice on. If you get serious about crocheting though, you’ll probably grow sick of bamboo hooks pretty quickly. I found that once I increased my speed and started working more with natural fibres, bamboo hooks tended to snag my yarn. Luxury bamboo hooks are great though and you’ll learn to recognise the type of hooks that work for you.


Metal hooks are another cost effective place to start – they’re a bit smoother than bamboo but crocheting with a metal hook in winter can be difficult because they’re really cold so keep that in mind, particularly if you live in a cold climate. I’ve heard of other crocheters experiencing cramps from metal hooks because they pull all the heat out of your hands – I haven’t experienced that but apparently it’s a thing.

Comfort Handle

I prefer using comfort handle hooks – there are many different companies that make different kinds of comfort handles – just play around until you find what works for you. I bought a set quite early on because I knew I’d need them but you can just slowly build a collection as you go along. Some comfort hooks are hilariously orthopaedic looking but if you’re doing a big project, they’ll be a life saver. Do experiment with different kinds of hooks though and pick the ones that work for you.

Tapered vs Inline

I’ve been crocheting for a really long time now and I only just learnt about the difference between tapered and in-line crochet hooks. I don’t notice a difference between the two and I have a healthy mix of both in my hook collection so I can’t really comment much on this.

My only tip for the actual anatomy of your hook is to avoid hooks with sharp tips. They tend to split and grab yarn where they’re not supposed to and they slow down your rhythm.

Other Materials You’ll Need

Tape measure
Stitch counter (you can get these on your smart phone)
Stitch markers for marking stitches
Yarn needles for sewing in ends

Questions and Next Steps

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Next Steps

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