Crochet Dress Patterns: 15 Ideas For You To Try

Crochet Dress Patterns: 15 Ideas For You To Try
March 27, 2018 Carly Crochet Coach

I crocheted for about four years before I worked up the courage to try making a crochet dress. I was worried about being skilled enough, I was worried about spending all that time making it and it not fitting well and I also worried about making it and just simply not liking it enough to wear it.

I started experimenting with dresses a few years ago and I have to say I’m totally hooked. Give me a few years and I think most of my wardrobe will be handmade crochet clothing. How amazing will that be?

If you’re keen to crochet your own dresses, here are a few designs I’ve had bookmarked in my Etsy account. Just a warning, a lot of these are quite complicated (I love a challenge!) so if you want something manageable try my t-shirt dress pattern. 

15 Crochet Dress Patterns

1.Summer Crochet Dress Pattern 

crochet dress

This one is okay for beginners because it appears to made up of lots of small motifs, which means you can adjust the size as you go and add more or less joins.

2.Sexy Crochet Dress Maxi Pattern 

crochet dress

I actually have this pattern (I bought it a few months ago) and my only hesitation with making this dress is that I don’t know what I’d wear under it. I might have to get something made for it or ask a clever sewing friend to line it for me.

3.T-shirt Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

This was the first garment I ever designed and it’s a super easy introduction to dressmaking. For full instructions, videos and assistance just join the hub and you’re on your way. 

4.Zigzag Crochet Dress Kaftan Pattern

crochet dress

Warning: Vintage patterns can be pretty rough to follow but they’re a great challenge. Plus how fabulous is this dress? I need one in my life.

5.V-Neck Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

This looks like a not-too-difficult dress to make, with simple shaping. A good place for an adventurous beginner to start.

6.Lace Hippie Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

I love this for a cute beach cover-up – I also like the denseness of the stitch for when you don’t that full on lacey look.

7.Maxi Lace Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

A simple and customisable design – maxi crochet dresses just have that thing about them don’t they?

8.Maxi Hippie Lace Crochet Dress Pattern 

crochet dress

I don’t know if this model looks like Jane Birkin or she IS Jane Birkin but either way I want this dress in my life. I think I’d even make it in green, it’s so gorgeous.

9.Boho Beach Crochet Dress Pattern 

crochet dress

I had to throw a modest design in here for anyone who doesn’t love showing off ALL their assets in a sheer crochet dress. This would be great for a swimsuit cover up and you can wear it in winter with tights and boots!

10.Short Wedding Crochet Dress Pattern 

crochet dress

The description of this says it’s a wedding dress but I think if you make it in a colour other than white, it would make an amazing wedding guest dress. Imagine it in red, navy or mustard. Awesome.

11.Boho Beach Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

I’ve got this on my next summer to do list – I’ve been wanting to make a hippy, flowy crochet dress for ages and I think this might the one.

12.V-Neck Tie Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

I love this one because I think it would look gorgeous on curvy women (like myself!).

13.Victoria’s Secret Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

I want to make this dress for travel. I’d make it in cotton so it was super breathable and it would fold down small to tuck away in my luggage.

14.Filet Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

The denseness of this dress is what appeals to me most, again for those of you that aren’t super keen on the very lacey open work style dresses.

15.Heart Crochet Dress Pattern

crochet dress

This dress is an absolute work of art and I fully intend on making it one day when I have a LOT of time. It looks very labour intensive don’t you think?

If you’re new to crochet but you’re keen to start here are some things you need to know before you learn to crochet. You should also check out this review of ergonomic hooks, this guide for buying yarn online, this pattern reading guide and this list of bits and pieces you need to get started.

What crochet dress patterns are your favourites? Feel free to share a link in the comments!

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  1. Patricia Neubauer 6 years ago

    Absolutely adorable I’m 71 and I would feel confident in wearing the travel dress

  2. Trisha 6 years ago

    I love all of these! But, the Green “Birkin” dress needs to be in everyone’s life! Thanks for the awesome list!

    • Author
      Carly Crochet Coach 6 years ago

      That’s straight up on my list of things to make. I might even make it in green like this one!


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